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About the Candidate

Chris Gordon is a first-time candidate and a life-long resident of Wisconsin. Chris holds the people and places of the 39th Assembly District close to her heart and is committed to doing her best to work as a collaborator, spokesperson, advocate and leader for progressive change.

Chris is hard-working, ethical and open-minded. A career teacher and school administrator, Chris developed skills as a solution-oriented team builder able to bring diverse people with varying perspectives and beliefs together to identify their shared values and common goals.

Chris is married to Mark Johnson, the proud mother of two adult daughters  and one adult son, and the beaming grandmother of an amazing teenage girl. Chris is active in her church, and has a wide range of interests and hobbies. Depending on the season of the year you may find her fishing, gardening, cooking, doing needlework, singing, reading. writing or learning to make art. Her happiest moments are spent outside with loved ones, including the family dog. Raised the oldest of seven children, Chris owes her moral code to that modeled by her loving working-class parents.

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About the Candidate: My Story
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