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Always for Wisconsin

Today, Governor Evers signed new voting maps into law. Fair maps mean we can work on our goals for childcare, housing, and healthcare so they are both more affordable and accessible. It means we can work to keep our water clean and free of forever chemicals and stand up for public education so that every child has access to a world-class education in their own community, regardless of zip code.


While this moment brings us to opportunity for progressive growth in Wisconsin, this moment also brings me to the announcement that I am closing my campaign for the District #14 Senate seat. New district lines place our Marquette County home in Wisconsin’s 13th Senate District. However, simultaneous with the close the campaign, I am considering a compelling list of projects and activities to advance the agenda of building healthy communities and protecting our resources.


We will be in touch. I will continue to use the Facebook page, Chris Gordon for Wisconsin, as an outlet for information about our work for a more progressive Wisconsin. You will also find me on the phone, in your email inbox and on your doorstep working for initiatives and candidates that support positive change in Wisconsin. See you soon.



Chris Gordon - Always for Wisconsin


February 19, 2024




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