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Listening for Good

Almost all of us know at least one conservative voter who has reservations about supporting a a political agenda and a presidential candidate that threatens democracy across our state and country. Let’s honor that person’s patriotism by listening attentively to their concerns. Listening carefully is the first step to having meaningful conversations about shared interests and shared goals. Recognizing our shared goals will allow us to collaborate with our conservative friends and family members to identify a way to move forward through the 2024 elections and into the future to guarantee that we can protect the democracy we love.


When Secretary Pete Buttigieg was a 2020 candidate for president, he asked all of his campaign workers to remember, “How people feel about you is largely driven by how you make them feel about themselves.” Our respectful listening can help those with differing political perspectives develop an openness for listening to our stories and thoughts without fear of getting into yet another political argument. We have to be careful to avoid the temptation of listening only to find an opening to interject our own perspectives. We have to take the time to listen for understanding.


Listening for understanding that leads to meaningful conversations is a strategic process that can be learned. Building Bridges for America, a grassroots organization for progressive change, offers free tools for training voters, volunteers and leaders. Links to their information and resources are found below.



Chris Gordon

May 8, 2024




About Building Bridges for America:

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