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Vote for Your Children

The bitterness between our two major parties has many thinking people afraid to choose one side or the other, and afraid of choosing one guy over the other. In these conversations with my neighbors and friends I say, “Don’t vote for a party or a guy. Vote for your children.” The usual response is a puzzled look quickly followed by a big smile. It might be hard to identify the truth in someone’s message, but it’s never difficult to identify what we want for our children and grandchildren. We want them to be healthy and have a life full of promise. Vote for a future that is healthy and full of promise.


Healthy is tied to health care that is accessible, affordable and simple to use. Healthy is tied to clean water that is free of harmful chemicals and energy that doesn’t cause pollution. Caring for one’s health should also mean privacy and the ability to make one’s own health care decisions.


A life full of promise starts with an excellent education. Yes, a good education will provide students with strong abilities in reading and mathematics. But to be excellent, an education must prepare students for life, not for testing. Because the future will be complex, we need to be certain that our own children have an excellent education while building a system so every student has an excellent education. We cannot build a strong society if a great education is guaranteed to a privileged few. Students in every zip code need strong schools.


A life full of promise means promise for each individual. American democracy promotes American values. We value religious freedom, individual rights, and a stable position in the world with a well-prepared military.  We value peace in the world, economic development, suppression of terrorism, and a healthy planet.


Vote for your children. Vote for a bright future. Vote for me. Vote for Tammy. Vote for Joe.

April 2, 2024

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