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For the Good of All

I went to four different churches in the last four weeks. In every church we prayed essentially the same prayer regardless of denomination or community, “That our political leaders work together for the good of all.” And all across Wisconsin and the rest of the country we hold many values in common. According to multiple sources these values include individualism, equality, honesty, privacy, action and practicality. So, if we are praying the same prayer and sharing the same values it doesn’t seem right that we should be having such a hard time working together on political issues.


Attending events and knocking on doors across the 39th Assembly District, I’ve talked with hundreds of people about current issues. Of all these folks, only two people refused to consider ideas or information outside of what they already knew or believed. That’s way less than 1%.


What about this? How about if the remaining 99% of us start talking about the things we agree on. Let’s find out about each other’s hopes and dreams. Let’s talk about those things we worry about and our ideas for solving those problems. Talking will lead to understanding and understanding will lead to care and compassion. With that foundation, our difficulties can be diminished through our cooperation.


My name is Chris Gordon and I look forward to working with you for the good of all.


April 9, 2024

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