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My Service to the People of Wisconsin

Our legislative districts have been found to be unconstitutional. Change is on the way.

With a 4-3 majority, justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court have ruled that Wisconsin’s legislative maps are unconstitutional. The current maps violate Wisconsin’s constitutional requirement that legislative districts be contiguous. The ruling of SCOWIS asks the legislature and governor to pass new maps meeting this requirement. Considering that the legislature may not be successful in drafting new maps, the court has invited parties to the case to file proposed maps with the court by January 12, 2024. The new maps will impact legislative elections for every Assembly District and every even-numbered Senate District.


Wisconsin’s Constitution specifies:

·       The boundary of a senate district can not cross the boundary of an assembly district.

·       The boundary of an assembly district can not cross a ward boundary.

·       Districts should be “in as compact form as practicable.”


The current 14th Senate District is a clear illustration of failure to meet the requirement that districts are in a compact form. To see the current map go to


What does this mean for my campaign for the 14th Senate District?

My commitment to serve my neighbors remains the same. After new district maps are approved, it is highly likely that the 14th will be primarily comprised of rural communities, agricultural lands, woods and waters. Given such, priorities for healthy communities and healthy resources will remain unchanged.


What if my home in northern Marquette County is no longer a part of the 14th Senate District?

Should such a scenario unfold, the Gordon for Wisconsin team will meet in consultation with other progressively minded Wisconsin political leaders and determine what is in the best interests of the people of Wisconsin. In any case, my commitment to advocate for healthy communities and healthy resources will determine the direction of my service to the people of Wisconsin.

December 27, 2024

For the complete text of the Wisconsin Constitution visit 

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