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The Good We All Need

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

I am running for Wisconsin's 14th District Senate seat to represent Wisconsin people and Wisconsin places with the goal of achieving positive incremental change toward our shared goals.

The 14th Senate District is large and rural. It is dependent on a network of small rural communities that support families, agriculture, tourism, small businesses and industry. In order for our communities to remain vital they require strong schools, vigorous local economies and community services. Advocacy and a voting record that places priority on healthy communities must be the focus.

For decades, the 14th Senate District has been represented by individuals who embrace policy and legislation to support the interests of big business and the extremely wealthy in hopes that they will invest in local economies to promote their growth. A walk through the main streets of many of our rural communities will prove the folly of such a plan. Store fronts are closed, community services are in critical need of support, and neighborhood schools struggle to retain highly qualified personnel and maintain facilities.

We need a new plan.

It’s time to revitalize our rural communities. Let’s stand together to enact policies and legislation that value people over profits. Healthy communities are sustained by successful public schools, community services that assure safety and infrastructure that supports a diversified economy of workers. These essential elements of healthy rural communities benefit everyone.

Let’s work together to achieve the good we all need.

Chris Gordon

December 12, 2023

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