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Valuing the Rural Voter

Wisconsin’s 14th Senate District is solidly rural. Rural voters focus on values like fairness, opportunity, careful spending and hard work. These are values that should be represented in government. Goals supported by these values, and a commitment to address problems facing rural communities are the cornerstone of my campaign.

Both parties, Democrats and Republicans alike, talk a lot about rural voters.

Republicans are happy to talk about preserving the integrity of the heartland and the dignity of the working class. And who would argue with that? Unfortunately, at both the state and national level, the Republican party has blocked initiatives to support solutions to challenges facing rural America. The income gap between rural and urban workers continued to widen. Initiatives to support rural communities were slashed. Multiple examples across our state and the nation demonstrate how their party policies throw up roadblocks to initiatives for rural citizens. In Wisconsin, protections for ground water, surface water, expanding infrastructure and access to broadband are threatened in favor of policies and practices that provide support for agribusiness and the wealthy. Wisconsin’s rural schools are struggling and even closing due to a structure of educational funding that places undue demands on community taxpayers while tax rates are skewed to protect those with extreme wealth from paying their fair share.

Wisconsin democrats have developed policies and programs to support economic growth in rural communities and reduce the income deficits. We need to show Wisconsin’s rural voters that Democratic programs for fully funding schools, affordable childcare, and reducing healthcare costs are a financial benefit to Wisconsin families and will reinvigorate Wisconsin’s rural communities.

Our task:

  • Build an alliance among all Wisconsin’s rural voters.

  • Remind every legislator across the state that rural residents make up a third of Wisconsin’s population, but we feed all of Wisconsin,

  • Show the rest of Wisconsin that when rural Wisconsin is healthy, all of Wisconsin does better.


I want the privilege of working with you to deliver this plan. Please choose me to be your candidate for the Wisconsin State Senate.


January 10, 2024



Rural issues are Wisconsin issues. For a strong visual representation of this concept refer to

Putting Rural Wisconsin On The Map was originally published on WisContext which produced the article in a partnership between Wisconsin Public Radio and PBS Wisconsin.

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